Dr. Blitz takes the time to thoroughly explain your unique treatment plan and answer any questions you have. The staff is friendly and make you feel welcomed and comfortable. The acupuncturist is extremely knowledgeable about eastern medicine and has advised me on some alternative pain treatments that have worked well. I've seen other acupuncturists who are not nearly as gentle or eager to explain the science behind the treatment. I was amazed at the amount of pain relief I was getting from the acupuncture.
If you want to see a doctor that takes his time to get to know you and not make you feel like a number Dr. B is your guy!

Vinny S.

"My family and I are so grateful for all that Dr. Blitz and his staff have done for us. My wife and four children ages 17, 13, 11 and 6 all get regular treatments for back and sports injuries. Dr. Blitz's professionalism and medical knowledge has always provided us all with the proper treatment plans to relieve each and every injury. His ability to understand exactly what is wrong and develop a specific treatment plan to fit anyone's schedule is extremely amazing and accommodating. Dr. Blitz and his staffs' personal approach and heart-filled attitude is something that you do not see in many medical practices and is such a true blessing."

Jason E.

"The past several years have left me frustrated with back pain that would come and go. In May 2013, I injured my back doing some yard work but this time the pain would not go away. The pain was unbearable. My doctor recommended using medications or possible surgery to resolve the problem. I was not enthusiastic about these options. A friend suggested I try Blitz Chiropractic. I gave it a chance and I'm very grateful for my friend's advice. I continued treatment plan, I am now free of back pain. Blitz Chiropractic expertise in prescribing the appropriate treatment and skilled staff have given me freedom from back pain. I recommend giving it a try before using medications or surgery."

Robert A.

"Dr. Blitz had my daughter convince me to go to his office. I had been under chiropractic care for three weeks and had no relief. I was in agony. I had an MRI which showed herniated disks. I then went to a pain management facility where I was given epidural shots which did nothing. A week later I was sent for another set of epidural shots, which did nothing. I was tired of being in a fetal position for any relief. I had no life. I had given up and decided to have surgery. The pain had gotten the best of me.

At this point, my daughter persuaded me to give Dr. Blitz a chance. I was very apprehensive about anything working. Dr. Blitz explained a routine he would like me to try. I thought why not if it works it would be much better than surgery. Dr. Blitz suggested "Spinal Decompression" which was never offered before or even suggested anywhere else. It gave me my life back."

Lynn T.

"I must praise Dr. Blitz for the terrific doctor that he is and for all the help he has given me. Having had polio, no other medical doctor would touch my back. I decided to see a chiropractor - Dr.Blitz. My husband was very hesitant about me seeing a chiropractor but after x-raying my back Dr. Blitz told my husband and I that he thought he could help me. He also said if he didn't think he could help me he would never touch me. Fast forward to today - I thank the Lord for Dr. Blitz and all the help he has given me - for relieving the pain in my back. For anyone looking for relief from pain, I highly recommend a very, compassionate, warmhearted and caring doctor- Dr. Blitz."

Nancy G.

"I am senior citizen had a very bad accident on black ice no doctor could help with my pain. Was using a walker and scooter shopping. After less than two months I am walking with a cane. Dr.Blitz and acupuncture gave me back some pain free nights. And let me talk about his staff they Are a group of wonderful people always asking are you okay."

Lynn C.

"I've been visiting Dr. Blitz for the past 6 months or so due to a herniated disc and cannot be more satisfied. My ability to perform even mundane daily activities has greatly improved ever since my first consultation, and to top it off he and the staff are extremely friendly and caring. I highly recommend him to anyone suffering from back pain."

John M.

"I went to see Dr. B after suffering way too long in pain. Dr. B & staff are professional & make you feel very comfortable. You can quickly see how much Dr. B sincerely cares about you & all of his patients. He listens & discusses his plan of action. Dr. B helped me tremendously, & I would highly recommend his services."

Steve F.

"I have been a patient of Dr. Blitz for several years. He has always helped me for various injuries and a herniated disc in my back. He takes the time to find a solution for the problem. You can tell he truly cares for his patients. His staff is very nice and knowledgeable which adds to a pleasant experience. I would highly recommend Dr. Blitz, a caring professional for your needs!"

Paul G.

"I started seeing Dr. Blitz about 8 months ago, after I was involved in a major car accident. He came highly recommended to me by a close friend of mine. I was in constant pain after the accident due to whip lash and lower back trauma. From DAY 1, Dr. Blitz was very caring and treated me as if I was a long time friend. I received treatments from him three times a week for about six months, which greatly improved my quality of life.

After reviewing my options for pain management, Dr. Blitz suggested I try acupuncture. I was skeptical at first, however after my first treatment with Richard, I was a believer. I look forward to my weekly treatments as it greatly reduces any pain I have. Best part about it is that I receive the treatments in the same office! The staff there is very friendly and accommodating with my busy schedule."

Paul W.

"I have been in severe pain for a long time with my shoulders, right arm and back. I've tried three different kinds of rehabilitation. My friend kept encouraging me to go to Blitz Chiropractic Center. I finally decided to go. On my first visit, Dr. Blitz said he could help me with my back and suggested I see his acupuncturist about by shoulders and arm. After examining my arm, I needed an MRI and the results showed a tear in my shoulder. Blitz Chiropractic Center designed a treatment plan to address my problems. I no longer have pain in my shoulders and I can lift both arms straight up over my head (something I haven't been able to do for a very long time). He also helped me with other physical limitations I've been experiencing.

Recently I had to have a CT scan requiring me to keep my arms over my head several times. I could have never done this before my treatments with Blitz Chiropractic Center. I'm happy to say I have experienced many physical improvements that have enriched my quality of life."

Judy M.

"I was in terrible pain when I went to Dr. Blitz office, One of the ways he helped me was to have Richard give me Acupunture. He is a very knowledgeable and caring person. Also Daisy, his technicion is a very caring person. Dr Blitz saw that I was in such pain he sent me to get 2 shots for pain in my back. They helped for a while and also at that time he started De-compression therapy. It took a while, feeling a bit better each time but I think in my case it took about 24 visits before I now can say I AM CURED! I am almost finished with my treatments, the Doctor says I should taper off slowly and thats what I am doing. I never thought the pain would leave but this treatment did it!!! Thank You Dr. Blitz and Staff. (This review is listed under Marvin Schulman however this is me Renee Schulman that had the problem and had the cure.)"

Marvin S.

"Dr Blitz is the first place I go for any aches or pains. I was told I needed surgery for a bone spur on my foot , but Dr Blitz made it disappear in a short period of time with low level lazor therapy. He cured my tendentious and sinus headaches. Of course he was great for any time I threw out my back.

Before I let any doctor give me pills or want to perform surgery I go to Dr Blitz and he takes care of the problem. In my opinion, it is not easy to find a good doctor, I feel very fortunate to be his patient."

Dominick B.