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A Drug-Free Approach to Restoring and Maintaining Your Health

Located in Monroe Township, NJ & in the East Windsor, NJ Area!

At Blitz Chiropractic Center in Monroe Township, NJ, we believe in non-invasive procedures, such as Chiropractic Medicine and Acupuncture, to relieve basic pains caused by injuries during one's activities of daily living such as personal, sports or work related injuries, motor vehicle accidents, aging or hereditary factors. We provide safe and effective, non-surgical procedures that are narcotic free to support and maintain your healthy body.

Dr. Blitz and the rest of our wellness team at Blitz Chiropractic Center are dedicated to finding chiropractic solutions to target your specific needs. Whether you are an athlete suffering from a sports related injury or are suffering from symptoms such as neck pain, headaches, or back pain, give us a call. Dr. Blitz and his team are the preferred chiropractic team for Monroe, East Windsor, Hightstown & Plainsboro, NJ. Come see us for the following: Herniated Disc , Bulging Disc, Spinal Stenosis, Degenerative Joint & Disc Disease, Whiplash.

Why Choose Blitz Chiropractic?

Why Choose Blitz Chiropractic?

At Blitz Chiropractic Care, the quality of life of our patients is important to us. We provide expert service and flexible plans to benefit each of our patients.

Participate with most insurance companies
Medicare accepted
Cash flex plans available for all patients
24-hour emergency services
Available 6 days a week

Chiropractic Care, Acupuncture, and Decompression Therapy

During your first visit, Dr. Blitz will complete a consultation, perform a comprehensive examination where he will address all areas of pain, and accurately diagnose your condition. From there, Dr. Blitz will discuss your personal wellness goals, create the most effective treatment plan and then initiate treatment after reviewing your insurance coverage benefits or other flex payment plan options that are also available.

If you are new to seeing a chiropractor in the Monroe, East Windsor, Hightstown or Plainsboro area and are interested in learning more, please email us or call us at 609-395-0880 to speak to Dr. Blitz directly. If you are a new patient and have already scheduled your appointment, please download and fill out our patient history form.

It is imperative that chiropractic care is sought right after an auto accident to reduce the effects of whiplash and prevent them from inducing long term pain. The physical effects of an accident are not always known or felt right afterwards. It can take days, weeks, or even months for these symptoms to show up. This is why is is essential to seek care immediately. Dr. Blitz has successfully treated patients with severe injuries that were casually related to patients involved in serious motor vehicle accidents. Dr. Blitz is also an expert trial witness and has provided medical testimony on behalf of his patients, when needed. We serve clients in Monroe Township, Plainsboro, East Windsor, Hightstown and surrounding areas.
-Herniated Disc
-Bulging Disc
-Degenerative Joint And Disc Disease
-Pinched Nerve


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