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If you have neck, back, arm or leg problems but want to avoid the risks and dangers of spinal surgery, then come to Blitz Chiropractic Center in Monroe Township, NJ for spinal decompression treatment. Decompression therapy is non-invasive and pinpoints the exact cause of your problems. With over a 90% success rate in our patients, we recommend this treatment as a surgery alternative. Contact us today to learn more about your options.

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Our team has a high success rate and years of experience in spinal decompression therapy, so you can expect relief from your nerve and disc problems. During your session, you'll lay comfortably on our table, and a computer will pinpoint areas of pressure in your spine. Then, the computer will work to decompress and relieve this pressure by increasing blood flow and oxygen supplies to the spine.

You'll be amazed at the results. Make an appointment for decompression therapy today.

Hear From A Patient:

Lynn T.

"Dr. Blitz had my daughter convince me to go to his office. I had been under chiropractic care for three weeks and had no relief. I was in agony. I had an MRI which showed herniated disks. I then went to a pain management facility where I was given epidural shots which did nothing. A week later I was sent for another set of epidural shots, which did nothing. I was tired of being in a fetal position for any relief. I had no life. I had given up and decided to have surgery. The pain had gotten the best of me.

At this point, my daughter persuaded me to give Dr. Blitz a chance. I was very apprehensive about anything working. Dr. Blitz explained a routine he would like me to try. I thought why not if it works it would be much better than surgery. Dr. Blitz suggested "Spinal Decompression" which was never offered before or even suggested anywhere else. It gave me my life back."