Exciting News!

XIAOCHUAN (MIKE) CHEN, was recently selected as one of only a few acupuncturist to attend a special clinical acupuncture symposium with a few of the top acupuncture professors in China.

November 18 & January 19Guangzhou, ChinaProfessor - Dr. Yun Yu, MD

November 18 & January 19
Guangzhou, China
Professor - Dr. Yun Yu, MD

Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Topics - Whole body pulsing acupuncture for cancer and internal medicine and OB GYN disorders

November 18 & January 19
Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China
Professor – Dr. Lung Ji Chang

Dean of Shenzhen Geno-Immune Medical Institute
Professor at the University of Florida Specializing In Molecular Genetics and Microbiology
Immuno therapy and Gene Therapy for cancer and genetic diseases

Now Offering Supportive Care Treatment For The Following

Supportive cancer treatment including Metastatic Breast Cancer, Colon Cancer and Leukemia

Supportive treatment for Parkinson's Disease and other Tremor Disorders

Supportive treatment for OB GYN issues including Infertility problems

Supportive treatment for other advanced internal medical disorders, disease and Prostate Dysfunction